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"I am a commitment to every one of us developing healthy and loving relationships to our bodies, for the sake of personal and collective transformation."

"I am a commitment to every one of us developing healthy and loving relationships to our bodies, for the sake of personal and collective transformation."

Mariana Castaneda-Lopez

Mariana is a trained dancer with a BA in dance and philosophy from Goucher College, concentrations in dance science and dance movement therapy. Her passion for bringing the physical and mental realms of life together naturally led her to Pilates. She is certified in Pilates Apparatus, Pilates Mat and Pilates-based strength training under Ashley Barenz and Lawson Harris of Body&Soul Bodyworks, NYC. Mariana is also an attuned practitioner of reiki levels 1 & 2 as well as certified in David Elliot style of breathwork. 

With a strong appetite for growth and learning, Mariana loves to work in collaboration, listening to client’s needs, encouraging communication throughout the session. She aims to teach awareness and understanding to develop agency, leaving clients empowered with new found strength, control, and knowledge of their bodies. As a mover, she is most interested in how the body and mind connect to unveil a history. As an instructor, she believes that through transforming your relationship to your body, you can transform your life. She is excited about helping people re-claim power over their lives through re-claiming the power they hold in their bodies.

Further supporting mind-body integration, Mariana offers body work that targets stress in the deepest layers of musculature. Utilizing reiki and breathwork, she is able to help clients integrate mind and body wellness. She is thorough and detailed in her work, leaving clients feeling balanced and refreshed after a session. Drawing on a variety of body and energy work approaches, Mariana mixes up a treatment that will leave you wanting more.

PIlates Mat Class

Contemporary mat class, supplementing traditional Pilates exercises with somatic awareness and safe anatomy-based challenges so you can push further and go deeper. Regardless of your level and experience, I offer options to make your experience unique and help you tap into your inherit strength. Contact me for times and locations where class is offered. 


This class utilizes a combination of foam rollers, tennis balls, yoga straps and other props to learn techniques for soft tissue manipulation. We'll stretch, roll, breathe and massage ourselves towards a reinvigorated body. Contact me for times and locations where class is offered. 

Cardio + Pilates Mat Class

This class utilizes a variety of props, from weights to resistance bands to trampolines, to get your heart rate up and your sweat on. Integrate your cardiovascular conditioning with the somatic awareness and strength challenge of Pilates mat. Contact me for times and locations where class is offered.


I have a comprehensive integrative approach that combines all areas of my background. However, I choose Pilates as the foundation of my work because it is rooted in core. Core is powerhouse. Core is hara. Core is center of gravity, what holds us here on earth. Therefore, the core is our center of being. When you empower your center you can take more control over your life.  
I love the opportunity to work one-on-one with my clients because it is an honor to see someone expand and grow. In order for anyone to get to where they want to be, we have to begin with where they are. My work is so personal because this is what we do every single session, from day one. 

Jennifer -

Mariana is a truly gifted teacher and practitioner. With her guidance I have grown stronger, have gotten relief from back pain and found muscles I didn't know I had. During classes, she takes the time to work with all of us individually and provide corrections so we can get the most out of the exercise as well as avoiding injuries. Her knowledge of physiology and body mechanics is evident, but what I appreciate even more is her passion for helping people which really comes through in her teaching.


Connie -

"Being in a session with Mariana...is more than being with an instructor. Her absolute dedication to caring for the needs and changes in her clientele's body and mind is at the core of what she does. As her client, I feel as if I can come to her and express what my body feels like it may need for the session that day, and you see how she customizes that session based on what she sees, and what you convey to her. I think this makes her a brilliant practitioner! I have also seen such wonderful changes in my body that makes me want to continue my Pilates practice with her indefinitely."



"Mariana has an intuitive, as well as a studied, understanding of the body. Her subtle adjustments lead to a deeper understanding of the pose every time. Her verbal cues make a group class feel like a personal training session. My posture, my abdominal muscles, and my lats have all experienced a resurgence under Mariana's graceful, calm and reassuring guidance. Her deep tissue bodywork has been transformative for my muscles. My shoulders are learning to stay in their rightful place and my low back is gaining strength. I am truly grateful to have found her."



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